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How to make "Tissue Animals"

Tissue Animals are created by the combination of "tissue ORIGAMI craft art" and a shooting technique called "stop motion animation". By using not only the ORIGAMI technique (Japanese skills of folding paper) but also "Chigiri" (tearing) and "Nejiri" (twisting) utilizing the soft texture of tissue, we made mysterious and cute animals of craft art that no one has ever seen before. And it took no less than 6 days to shoot because we shot one frame at a time one by one in order to make them move as if they are alive. We will give you a peek of how they are created!

How a "bird" is made

As shown in this picture, the position and relevance to the previous and next one are thought through for each single frame and gradually becomes like a "bird." Like folding an ORIGAMI, the wings and tail feather are shaped and details such as the beak and legs are expressed using the "Chigiri" (tearing) and "Nejiri" (twisting) technique, from just one paper!

A bird

A "bird" is made.The shape/silhouette is like a deformed paper airplane. The dynamics as if it is really flying is added by moving the wings up and down.

A monkey

This is a "monkey." The four limbs are put into shape just like making "*koyori." In order to replicate monkey´s unique movements, framework are put into their arms and legs, which gives it the dynamics. *"Koyori" is made by twisting paper into a string.

A wolf

A "wolf" howling. In order to show as if it is alive, things like the neck angle and how the tail moves are adjusted through researching how actual "wolves" move.

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